Work-related Expenses


Work-related expenses are those costs incurred by individuals participating in GROW. These expenses, paid for by GROW, include transportation to/from a GROW activity, to/from work pending receipt of first paycheck, to look for work, and for appointments with the case manager.

Additional expenses incurred in an activity, such as books, uniforms, tools, and fees, will also be paid for by GROW. These needs can be identified by the case manager, participant, or service provider.


  • Providing work-related expenses assists participants in finding and keeping meaningful employment.
  • Work-related expenses are to be authorized when requested/required by an individual participating in GROW. Expenses covered by other programs or service providers cannot be paid for by GROW.

    For example, a participant in Job Skills Preparation Class requests clothing to look for a job. As self-sufficiency is the primary goal of this program, the participant should be encouraged to first explore all other available resources, such as the Clothes Closets at the JSPC sites. If there are no other resources, an issuance for the expense should be authorized.

  • At the Orientation/Job Skills Assessment appointment, participants are to be reimbursed for transportation costs (i.e., one token and cash for transfer) to the appointment.

  • One way transportation (token/ticket) is issued for the first day to ensure he/she can attend the activity. Tokens/weekly MTA bus passes will be issued at the JSPC site.
  • Consideration must be given to whether the participant will cross transit carrier boundaries. If so, an additional bus pass, or tokens/tickets may be needed for each transit carrier.
  • Generally, issuances for work-related expenses will be authorized for pick-up at the benefit issuance outlets; sometimes an additional issuance for transportation purposes, via bus tokens in the office, may be needed if the activity begins before the issuance is available for pick-up.

  • Except for transportation expenses, all work-related expenses must be:

    • Approved by the Case Manager's Supervisor (prior to authorization). The Supervisor must note his/her approval with an entry on the abp_ 1611, GROW Activity Record, establishing that the expense is justified and reasonable.
    • Verified with receipts within 30 days of authorization.

  • Transportation issuance amounts are contained in the decision chart in the GROW Handbook.

  • Overpayments for work-related expenses are to be recovered by the Eligibility Worker. GROW staff are to notify eligibility staff of any overpayments via the ABP 296, GROW Notification of Change. Overpayment types are defined as follows:
    • FRAUD - When a participant has not met his/her reporting responsibilities, i.e. participant has not provided receipts to verify purchase of work-related expenses.

    • NON - FRAUD - When there has been an administrative overpayment, i.e. when the case manager has authorized additional transportation expenses in error.
  • The following are maximum issuance amounts for all other work-related expenses.

    • Expenses designated as a recurring need may be issued more than once per month, but not to exceed the designated monthly issuance ceiling. These expenses and their monthly caps are: haircuts ($10.00), showers ($10.00) and tattoo removal ($40).

    • The participant is eligible to receive the following expenses one-time only within nine months of a twelve-month period: tools ($50.00), uniforms ($50.00), clothing/shoes ($50.00), and guard card ($75.00). The clothing/shoe expense for GROW is in addition to the $9.00 monthly GR clothing allowance.

    • The book/supply/fee expense may be issued more than one time during the participants nine month eligibility period, but only once per school session/semester. The per session/semester ceiling is $150.00.


  • Before each activity assignment and, as needed, determine each participant's needs for work-related expenses.

  • Verify on GROW computer system that an issuance has not already been made for the requested purpose.
  • Except for transportation authorizations, obtain Supervisor's approval on the abp_ 1611 for all work-related expenses.
  • Authorize issuances on GROW computer system.

  • Control for/obtain receipts for work-related expenses (except transportation) by making a Case Management appointment to return the receipts in 30 days.

  • If receipts are not received or an administrative overpayment of work-related expenses has been made, send the ABP 296 to the Eligibility Worker for overpayment recovery.


Upon determining the need for work-related expenses, the outcomes should include:

  • Transportation was issued in advance of any activity to ensure the participant could attend/participate in the activity.
  • Work-related expenses (other than transportation) were verified in advance and then authorized on the GROW computer system, after Supervisor approval on the abp_ 1611.

  • A Case Manager appointment was made for the control/return of needed receipts.
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