Vocational Assessment


The purpose of a vocational assessment is to guide participants who need assistance deciding how to achieve financial independence through an individualized employment plan. The vocational assessor conducts a comprehensive assessment which includes standardized testing as well as mental health and domestic violence screening. Based on the assessment's results, the vocational assessor recommends the next GROW activity which best suits the goal(s) in the employment plan. Vocational assessment lasts up to one and a half days and includes a mental health screening and offer of domestic violence services.

Vocational assessment is an optional component. The Employment Development Team (EDT) or the case manager determine whether it will be more advantageous to refer a participant to vocational assessment or directly to other activities geared to achieve each participant's employment goal(s).


  • There are three types of assessment:

    • A full assessment includes an employment goal and an employment plan.

    • A partial assessment occurs when the participant leaves after testing but before the employment plan is developed.

    • A third party assessment is assigned when the assessor and participant are unable to agree on the employment plan.
  • The individualized employment plan is developed based on the participant's education, work history, and skill level (based on testing during the assessment process).

  • The need for mental health and domestic violence services is also evaluated during the assessment process.

  • In developing an employment plan and recommending a GROW activity, available resources (i.e., service providers) are considered by the assessor.

  • One or more of the following activities will be recommended to achieve the employment goal: Intensive Case Management (ICM), Short Term Training, Educational/Training, and/or participation in Supportive Services may also be included.

  • When the employment plan cannot be agreed upon by the participant and assessor, the Case Manager attempts to resolve the conflict. When the conflict cannot be resolved, an independent third party assessment referral is made by the Case Manager via telephone/fax to another assessor on the provider inventory.

    • Referral for third party assessment is made by telephone/fax; this assessor reviews the documents and makes contact also by phone, with the Case Manager, original assessor, and the participant to discuss the areas of disagreement.

    • The third party assessor's decision is binding, regardless of whether or not the employment goal and/or employment goal activities change from the original assessment recommendation.
  • The participant's attendance/completion of Vocational Assessment is tracked/entered on the GROW system by the assessment provider.

    • For participants who complete assessment, the GROW system will automatically schedule the participant for an appointment with the Case Manager to discuss the employment plan.

    • For participants who fail to attend the assessment appointment, the GROW system will automatically initiate noncompliance and schedule a pretermination hearing with the Case Manager.
  • Following completion, or during participation in JSPC, REP or Fastrak and in collaboration with other members of the EDT, encourage participant to continue his/her efforts to seek work by developing an individualized employment plan. If it appears that the participant will benefit from Vocational Assessment a referral is initiated.

  • Discuss Vocational Assessment activity and have the participant sign the ABP 1463, Activity Assignment.

  • Assign a participant to only a post-vocational assessment activity that can be completed within his/her time remaining time on aid.

  • Authorize work-related expenses (i.e., transportation) for the Vocational Assessment, if needed.

  • If the participant and assessor do not agree on an employment plan, attempt to resolve with the participant and refer to third party assessor, if needed.

  • Complete/update ABP 821, GROW Case Manager Checklist.

Upon assignment to Vocational Assessment, the outcomes should include:

  • The participant was motivated to continue in his job-seeking efforts.

  • The participant and Case Manager signed the ABP 1463.

  • Transportation was authorized in advance of the Vocational Assessment.

  • The Vocational Assessment screen was completed on the GROW system.
Successful completion of this activity results in a signed, mutually agreed upon employment plan.
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